Product Data Sheet

CQN is an information technology company specializing in automated supplier management. Our online database contains a broad range of capacity, commercial, health and safety, and quality management data for suppliers active in the oil & gas, construction, power generation, transportation, mining and forestry industries.
CQN provides an integrated and feature rich suite of powerful data management and due diligence assurance functionality. Automation of contractor management functions provides major cost savings to client organizations by reducing duplication, simplifying data distribution, and streamlining handling of supporting documentation.
Online Questionnaires Client organizations select from a menu of nine preformatted questionnaires or further customize a questionnaire from a pool of supplemental database questions. The database provides a pool of more than
400 questions in 8 data categories.

Document Management Subscribers upload their supporting certificates to their CQ Network profile to ensure compliance. Documents are vetted and expiry dates are tracked with real time reporting and status notifications.

Desktop Evaluation CQN provides a desk-top evaluation of health, safety and environmental management systems for all subscribers in the contractor payment plan categories. The evaluation is administered by credentialed health and safety professionals and covers off a broad cross section of performance, legislative compliance and industry best practice requirements. The evaluation results become part of the contractors profile and are viewable by clients upon release by the supplier.

Contractor Assessment Matrix  This gap analysis utility is configured by the client organization to assess contractor suitability and compliance. The CAM allows selection and weighting of questionnaire data fields against pre-determined corporate standards.
Contractor / Supplier Approval Utility  Effectively assign contractor approval criteria and manage the status of your contractor / suppliers with the simple and intuitive approval utility. Approval lists may be maintained for a range of risk levels and for provisionally approved contractors that require specified upgrading.

SuretyAssist™ Assess the corporate capacity and financial capabilities of your service providers with Surety Assist. Key areas of evaluation include past performance, financial stability, business planning and resource availability.

Reports Track and compare contractor/supplier approval status, document expiry dates, safety and WCB performance and more with the Reporting module.

Performance Review Utility  Assess and record contractor performance to identify improvement opportunities and effectively capture lessons learned with the Performance Review utility.