Privacy Policy

Information Management with CQ Network™

Organizations use CQ Network™ to manage contractor information via a secure online database at . Documents are forwarded to CQN for uploading to the subscriber’s profile. Distribution of online information and documentation is in the complete and sole control of each subscriber. Other database subscribers cannot have access to your company’s data without your specific knowledge, consent and action. Release and restriction of data is managed by the account administrator(s) assigned by each subscribing company.

Document Management

Document requests are configured by purchasing organizations and are distributed / displayed electronically to contractor organizations of the purchasing organization’s choosing. Requested documentation is uploaded / posted to the database by the contractor via the website’s encrypted document management functionality.

State / Provincial and Federal Privacy Protection Legislation Compliance

The only data stored on CQN database that is considered to be “Personal Information” under Federal and State / Provincial privacy legislation is the resume of the senior Health, Safety and Environmental professional. CQN recommends that each subscriber formally advise their senior HSE professional that a copy of their resume has been requested and obtain their permission for posting it to the database.

Data Collection Practices

CQ Network collects general information regarding visitors and users of the website. Typical information collected includes the browser software being used and the user’s domain name. In exceptional circumstances, we may make efforts to identify an individual or individuals when there is indication of improper use of the website. In these cases, some personal identification data is traceable through the internet service provider.

CQ Network does not sell, market, trade, or license data stored on the website for any purpose.

CQ Network does not support the transmission of unsolicited email communications (spam). We will not send unsolicited data to any subscriber, or potential subscriber, nor will we forward unsolicited information of any kind.

CQ Network does not collect credit card information. Subscribers that choose to pay subscription fees with a credit card utilize PSIGate to manage these payments. At no time does CQN acquire credit card numbers or any other related commercial information.

CQ Network may periodically compile and distribute aggregated data that describes website usage trends. Under no circumstances are individual corporations identified in such reports.


CQ Network™ does not use cookies.

Personally-identifiable Information

CQ Network™ collects individually identifiable information from registered users to complete subscription transactions, administer individual accounts, provide customer support and meet government regulatory requirements. Account Administrators may be contacted as necessary for these purposes.

CQ Network™ may contract the services of third-party Health, Safety and Environmental professionals and or corporations to assist with evaluation and audit activities. Third-party organizations serving as agents for CQ Network are contractually bound by this policy and regulatory requirements.

When necessary or appropriate, we may disclose information in response to a court order, or subpoena, or when otherwise legally required. We may also disclose information as appropriate to protect our web site or legal rights. CQ Network™ periodically compiles registration data, site usage, and demographic information for internal analysis such as researching and identifying market segments and, other business planning needs.


Electronic security for is a Norton Secured (provided by Verisign). Norton operates the Verisign Trust Network that assures CQ Network™ clients that their information transfers and financial transactions are secure. CQ Network™ clients may submit sensitive data to this site with the following assurances:

  • The site has a VeriSign Secure Server ID, authenticated by Norton.
  • Norton has verified the organizational name and that CQ Network™ has the proof of right to use it.
  • This site legitimately runs under the auspices of CQ Network™.
  • All information sent to this site, if in an SSL session, is encrypted and protected against disclosure to third parties.

Administrative security is established primarily through our Users’ Agreement, our contracting policies and our hiring policies. The CQ Network™ Users’ Agreement prohibits the transfer of a subscriber’s information by another subscriber to a non-subscribing party. Violation of the Users’ Agreement can result in permanent suspension of access to CQ Network™ and a severing of the commercial relationship between CQ Network™ and the offending subscriber.

CQ Network™ personnel complete extensive data handling training including specific instruction on federal and provincial privacy protection legislation. Further, all CQ Network™ staff and agents are subject to confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.

Periodic Revision of Data Protection Policies

To keep up with the rapidly evolving Internet environment, CQ Network™ will periodically upgrade our data protection policies and communicate changes to our clients. Changes may be made at any time without notice. We will update the version number and date of the notice when such changes are made. If we make a major change in the way that we use, disclose or protect Internet registration information, we will highlight the change in this notice and will provide advance notice of the change on the web site.