Customizable Questionnaires

Select from a menu of preformatted questionnaires or configure from a pool of 700 industry-relevant questions. Select content to meet your corporate requirements. Deploy question sets that match contractor category, risk rating or other criteria. Flexible functionality at the desk-top.

Active Document Management

Expired contractor certificates means risk. CQN provides expert document management and verification services that reduce exposure and ensure due diligence. Gain corporate peace of mind with class-leading certificate monitoring and automated notifications.

Considerations for automating your contractor management process.

Contractor Evaluation

CQN evaluation of health, safety and environmental systems ensures your contractors have achieved industry standard requirements for HSE management. Contractors receiving CQN Advanced approval have demonstrated compliance with high-value HSE systems, maintain critical coverages and have industry leading performance.

Assessment & Approval

The Contractor Assessment Matrix is configured by the client and allows selection and weighting of questionnaire data fields against pre-determined corporate standards. Effectively assign contractor approval criteria and manage the status of your contractors/suppliers with our simple and intuitive approval utility. Approval lists may be maintained for a range of risk levels and for provisionally approved contractors that require specified upgrading.

Performance Review

Review and record contractor performance. Why? Because continuous improvement requires continuous measurement. You make big investments in your contractors. Ensure your relationships strengthen and execution improves with our integrated performance tracking and stewardship.

Real-time Reports

What’s data without well designed and timely reports? Preformatted, real time reports make day-to-day contractor status and stewardship a fundamental piece of efficient contractor management. Track and compare contractor/supplier approval status, document expiry dates, safety and WCB performance and more.

Benefits for all CQ Network Subscribers

Complete Contractor Life-Cycle Management Tools
Complete suite from first contact, prequalification, advanced evaluation and bidder selection, active phase compliance measurement and post-contract performance review.

Two Way Account
With your subscription, you can use your account in two ways: as a contractor releasing to clients and to manage your own contractors!

Simple Data Management
Contractors input prequalification data to questionnaires specified by client organizations to the secure online database. Data is input once into a secure online database and made easily accessible to current and potential purchasers.

Efficient Document Management
Electronic document management ensures important materials are transmitted, tracked and retained without redundancy.

Client Promotion
The CQ Network platform is a great promotional tool for both contractors and clients.  The system allows you to promote your profile, data and evaluation to any organization on the system. Say hello to new business opportunities!

Status Certificates
Once you have completed your evaluation, you have access to the Certificate of Approval which is available to download and at your disposal to send to anyone. We also offer Membership Certificates to all of our active subscribers.

Data Security & Access Control
Retain complete control of online data, document distribution, user access, and security settings.

Online Access
Seamless 24/7 access from anywhere with an internet connection means I’m operating in real-time from on the job, the office or even at home.

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