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About Us

Our Vision

  • To provide the most comprehensive and business-friendly suite of contractor management software available
  • To provide maximum value to contractors and clients by driving down total costs to industry through fee reductions and significantly less administrative effort
  • To provide sector leading customer service and support

The Company

CQ Network is an information technology company that specializes in automation of contractor management systems. We provide purchasing organizations with an integrated and feature rich suite of data management and due diligence assurance functionality. Automation of contractor management functions provides major cost savings by reducing duplication, simplifying data transfer, and streamlining document management.

Deployed as an SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product, the online database incorporates all key contractor management functions include data and document management, contract capability assessment and approval tools, and active phase monitoring. Our online software provides turnkey contractor stewardship functionality the effectively and efficiently manages critical aspects including contractor capability, commercial capacity, work history and previous performance, health & safety systems and quality management processes.

From prequalification, through the purchasing cycle, to measurement of compliance to field requirements CQ Network has the most comprehensive set of contractor management tools available in a fully integrated online application.

CQ Network supports partnerships with academia to bring value-added applications to market and with like-minded ethical data partners that offer complementary software solutions.

Business-friendly Contractor Management Tools

Benefits for Contractors and Suppliers:

Simple Data Management
Contractors input prequalification data to questionnaires specified by client organizations to the secure online database. Data is input one time and made available to current and potential purchasers at the click of a mouse.
Effective Client Promotion and Identification
Prequalification is the critical first step in opening business opportunities with your clients. Identify the services provided, areas of operation, corporate capacity and availability of resources.
Data Security and Access Control
Contractors retain complete control of online data and document distribution. Account administrators have maximum control of user access and security settings.

Benefits for Purchasers

Complete Contractor Life-cycle Management Tools
CQ Network provides software solutions for purchasing organizations from first contact, to prequalification, through advanced evaluation and bidder selection, active phase compliance measurement and post-contract performance review. Complete, front-to-back, contractor management.
Contractor Data and Documentation via the Internet
Online access means greater efficiency. Customize question sets based on contractor risk or other specified criteria. Have ongoing access to critical contractor documents including active management of expiry dates and document status.
Automated Contractor Prequalification – Customized Approval Tools
Customize your contractor prequalification screening process by specifying your relevant corporate standards. Your contractor base doesn’t provide a set of cookie-cutter services. Ensure you don’t have a cookie-cutter prequalification process by customizing our electronic gap analysis and approval tools to your corporate needs.