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The Application

CQ Network is an information technology company specializing in automated supplier management. Our online database contains a broad range of capacity, commercial, health and safety, and quality management data for suppliers active in the oil & gas, construction, power generation, transportation, mining and forestry industries.

CQ Network provides an integrated and feature rich suite of powerful data management and due diligence assurance functionality. Automation of contractor management functions provides major cost savings to client organizations by reducing duplication, simplifying data distribution, and streamlining handling of supporting documentation.

  • Customizable Online Questionnaires

    Client organizations select from a menu of preformatted questionnaires or customize from a pool of over 600 additional questions. Question sets for Questionnaire categories include contact / registry information; corporate structure and capability; health, safety & environment; and quality management systems. Manage multiple question sets for contractor category type, risk level or other specific corporate requirements.

  • Active Document Management

    Supporting documents uploaded by subscribers as specified by purchasing / client organizations. Active document management ensures dated documents (i.e. insurance certificates) are electronically tracked for expiry dates and real time status. All online documents are available for viewing and printing in pdf format.

  • Contractor Assessment Matrix

    This gap analysis utility is configured by the client organization to assess contractor suitability and compliance to corporate standards. CAM allows selection and weighting of questionnaire data fields against pre-determined corporate standards.

  • Contractor / Supplier Approval Utility

    Effectively assign contractor approval criteria and manage the status of your contractor / suppliers with the simple and intuitive approval utility. Operations and support personnel review contractor submittals and determine compliance to specific corporate subject matter. Approval lists may be maintained for a range of risk levels and for provisionally approved contractors that require specified upgrading.

  • Performance Review Utility

    Assess and record contractor performance to identify improvement opportunities and effectively capture lessons learned with the Performance Review utility. Assessment categories include cost & schedule performance, execution, project personnel, HSE performance, quality management, tools & equipment, labor relations.

  • Reporting Module

    Track and compare contractor/supplier approval status, document expiry dates, safety and WCB performance and more. The Reporting Module provides real time reporting of insurance currency, approval status, loss management performance and more.

  • Message Center

    Instant messaging utility facilitates prequalification communications in real time within the application. Use the message centre to stay in close contact with your service providers and communicate important messages and documents within the application.